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Wombwell Park Gets an A-Z Snake and More

by | Jan 19, 2018 | News, North East & Yorkshire

Our team traveled to Wombwell Village near Barnsley to install an extensive range of thermoplastic markings in the children’s play area of a local park. The graphics included an A-Z snake, Cycle Track and Target Throw.

Our team began by installing this A-Z Line Snake, a great way for young children to learn and practice the alphabet.


A-Z Line Snake


A-Z Line Snake

Next the team installed a Target Throw and then the Rectangular Maze behind.


Target Throw

Finally this Cycle Track was added. This is one of our most popular markings as the children just love following the twists and turns of the track.


Cycle Track


Cycle Track

The Cycle Track is suitable for Cycles, Carts and Scooters with many additional graphics available to enhance the learning experience. For the Wombley Park install we added three friendly Lollipop Men, a couple of Houses, Several Traffic Light Beacons and two Stop Signs.


Cycle Track House


Lollipop Man

We started the install early morning and had the whole area complete by mid afternoon.

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