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Walk A Mile Track Install At A Primary School in Stockport

by | Dec 22, 2017 | News, North West

Our team visited sunny Stockport to install a Three Way Hopscotch, an Activity Trail and a Walk A Mile Track at a local Primary School.

Our team started by installing this Three Way Hopscotch. A three player version of our classic Hopscotch.


Three Way Hopscotch

Next up this colourful Activity Trail.


Activity Trail

Stockport Activity Trail

The full Activity Trail

Then our team installed a full size Netball Court and around the outside of the court a Walk a Mile Track. Three laps around the track equals a mile.

Teachers are keen to take the children out once a day to ensure they are getting a good amount of exercise and what better way than a brisk stroll around the Walk A Mile Track.


Start of the Walk a Mile Track



Walk a Mile

The Netball Court – Stockport

The Netball Court

Our team also split the Netball Court into three small Football Pitches.

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