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Vivid range of playground markings at Kingston Park Primary School

by | Sep 6, 2018 | News, Scotland

Our installation team drove down the road to Kingston Park Primary School in Newcastle Upon-Tyne to install a range of new vivid playground markings.

Our installation team drove to Kingston Park Primary School to install a wide range of vivid playground markings.

These included a Fitness Trail, a Shuttle Run, a Cycle Track, a 12 X 12 Grid, a Spell Jump and a Dance Class.

Firstly, the team installed this Fitness Trail.


Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail is a great way to keep young children active. Children run round the track and perform the instructions at the different stations.

Next, the team installed this Shuttle Run.


Shuttle Run

The Shuttle Run is also a great way to keep children active healthy and working on fast paced cardio.

Then, the team installed this Cycle Track, with these six Parking Bays.


Cycle Track & Six Parking Bays

Our tracks and circuits are designed to be used by bikes and scooters. They can incorporate roundabouts, zebra crossings, parking bays, stop signs, traffic lights as well as an assortment of other graphics such as schools, houses garages, petrol stations as well as trees.

Cycle Tracks can also be designed to fit any play area, this one was installed around a circular section of the yard.

After that, the team installed this 12 X 12 Grid.


12×12 Grid

An ideal teaching aid for mathematics to children of all ages. The numbers and lines can be any colour.

Then, the team installed this Spell Jump.


Spell Jump

Lastly, the team installed this Dance Class.


Dance Class

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