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Vivid new playground markings at Croyland Primary School

by | Nov 10, 2018 | News, South East

Our installation team travelled to Northamptonshire to install a range of vivid new playground markings for Croyland Primary School.


This range of markings included a Cycle Track with 10 Parking Bays and a Fire Engine, a Rocket Hopscotch and a Target Throw.

Firstly the team installed this Cycle Track with these parking bays and this Fire Engine.


10 Parking Bays

Our tracks and circuits are designed to be used by bikes and scooters. They can incorporate roundabouts, zebra crossings, parking bays, stop signs, traffic lights as well as an assortment of other graphics such as schools, garages, petrol stations as well as houses and trees.


Fire engine

Next, the team installed this Rocket Hopscotch.


Rocket Hopscotch

This is our Classic Hopscotch with a sky high twist, a fun and exciting alternative to the plain squares.

Lastly, the team installed this Target Throw.


Target Throw

Pupils stand behind the line and throw bean bags at the numbered target, this is a great game for improving mental arithmatic skills as children add up their scores as they go.

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