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Vivid new playground markings at Charlesworth Primary School

by | May 6, 2019 | Midlands, News

Our installation team travelled to the small village of Charlesworth in Derbyshire to install this range of vivid new playground markings for the local Primary School.

Our installation team travelled from our office in Gateshead to Derbyshire to install a range of vivid new markings for Charlesworth Primary School, in the little village of Charlesworth.

This proved to be a great success and the Primary School are thrilled with the final result.

This range of playground markings included a Target Thow, a Roman Hopscotch, Line Compass, Blank Grid.

Firstly, the team installed this Target Throw.


Target Throw

Next, the team installed this Roman Hopscotch.


Roman Hopscotch

This is the same as our Line Hopscotch but with Roman Numerals. This is a great way for children to interactively learn, and remember those tricky roman numerals.

Then the team installed this Line Compass.


Line Compass

All our compasses are fitted to point north and are an excellent way for young children to come to grips with this difficult subject.

Lastly, the team installed this Blank Grid.


Blank Grid

The 10 x 10 line grid allows children the freedom to chalk their own numbers into the blank squares, all that is needed is chalk. The squares are naturally cleaned the next time it rains leaving a blank grid once again.

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