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Vivid new markings at Dinnington First School by first4playgrounds

by | Jan 26, 2021 | News, North East & Yorkshire, Playground Markings, UK Wide

The first4playgrounds team recently made the short journey from our base in Gateshead to Dinnington First School where they installed a range of vivid new playground markings that really brightened up the schools tarmac areas.

Soon after arriving at Dinnington First School the team set off by installing this colourful Rocket Hopscotch.


Rocket Hopscotch

Following that, the team put down this bespoke “How do you feel today?” marking.


How do you feel today?

Then, the team added this Cycle Track, complete with six Parking Bays and a Stop, Look, Listen Zebra Crossing.


Cycle Track

The team then installed this vibrant and friendly looking 1-20 Crocodile.


1-20 Crocodile


1-20 Crocodile

Next up, the team put down this unique “Welcome!” sign.



Following this, the team installed this UK map.


UK Map


UK Map

And to complete the install the team put down this vivid and educational A-Z Snake.


A-Z Snake

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