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Vivid new markings at Lawmuir Primary

by | Jul 16, 2018 | News, Scotland

Our installation team travelled North to Bellshill near Glasgow to transform Lawmuir Primary Schools Playground with these vivid new playground markings.

These markings included a variety of playground teaching aids that also brighten up the playground and make any play area look great.

The markings installed consisted of a World Map, a Whats the Time Mr Wolf, a Twister, a Target Throw, a Standing Long Jump, a Rose Compass, a Mirror Me, a Football Court and two Olympic Sprints.

Firstly, our team installed this World Map.


World Map

The KS1 World Map is an ideal teaching aid allowing children to familiarise the world map with the names of the continents, oceans, north and south poles as well as the equator.

Next, the team installed this Whats the Time Mr Wolf.


Whats the Time Mr Wolf

The Whats the time Mr Wolf is ideal for nursery children, KS1 and upwards.

Then the team installed this Target Throw and this Twister.


Target Throw



After that, the team installed this Standing Long Jump.


Standing Long Jump


Standing Long Jump

The children measure how far they can jump from a standing start. This can be used during PE lessons or simply as a playground game during break times.

Next, the team installed this Rose Compass.


Rose Compass

We install all our playground compasses to point North. This makes the Rose Compass a great science teaching aid for teachers and for children of all ages.

Then, this Mirror Me.


Mirror Me

After that, the team installed this Football Court.


Football Court

The Football Court allows for a structured match environment to take place. This makes it an invaluable addition to any play area.

Next, we installed these two Olympic Sprints.


Olympic Sprint


Olympic Sprint

The Olympic Sprint track has 4 lanes and can be designed to fit into any playground area regardless of size.

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