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Vibrant new playground markings at a Primary School in Manchester

by | May 5, 2021 | News, North West, Playground Markings, UK Wide

The first4playgrounds team recently traveled to Lancashire to install a range of vibrant playground markings for a Primary School in Manchester.

The markings included an A-Z Crocodile, a Clown Face Target and a Countryside Trail.

Here's the playground area before we started

Here’s the playground area before we started

This was part of the play area before the markings were laid.

The team began by putting down this A-Z Crocodile.


A-Z Crocodile

The A-Z Crocodile is great for young children learning the alphabet in a fun exciting and visually bright environment.

Next, the team installed this Clown Face Target.


Clown Face Target



Clown Face Target

Then to finish off, the team installed this Countryside Trail.


Countryside Trail

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