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Vibrant new playground markings at Lambton Primary School

by | Jul 6, 2018 | News, North East & Yorkshire

Our installation team travelled down the road to Washington to install a wide range of vibrant playground markings for Lambton Primary School.

These markings consisted of a Dance Class, a Twister, a Multi-Court, a Standing Long Jump, 2 Olympic Throws and a Fitness Trail.

Firstly the team installed this Dance Class.


Dance Class

Dance class moves have five learning positions and one instructor circle. The game teaches children left and right co-ordination with this fun playground marking. The children can dance together to music or let the children use as a playtime activity.

Next, the team installed this Twister.



A really fun game for children of all ages to play improving physical strength, coordination and flexibility.

Then, the team installed this Multi-Court.



After this, the team installed this Standing Long Jump.


Standing Long Jump

Lastly, the team installed these two Olympic Throws and this Fitness Trail.


Fitness Trail & 2 Olympic Throws


Fitness Trail & 2 Olympic Thro

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