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Vibrant new Playground Marking in Manchester

by | Oct 7, 2021 | News, North West

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed this vibrant range of playground markings for a local Primary School in Manchester.

first4playgrounds installation team recently travelled to Manchester to install this vibrant new range of playground markings for a local Primary School.

These markings consisted of a Cycle Track with added Fitness Stations, a Whats The Time Mr Wolf, a 1-49 Snakes & Ladders and an A-Z Dragon.

The team began by installing this bespoke Cycle Track with Fitness stations added throughout.


Cycle Track


Cycle Track


Cycle Track


Cycle Track

Next, the team installed this Whats the Time Mr Wolf.


Whats The Time Mr Wolf

Then the team situated and installed this 1-49 Snakes & Ladders.


1-49 Snakes & Ladders


1-49 Snakes & Ladders

Lastly, the team installed this A-Z Dragon.


A-Z Dragon

These markings look great and really transformed this schools dull grey playground.

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