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Two Middlesbrough Parks in one week for the first4playgrounds team!

by | Apr 12, 2023 | North East & Yorkshire, Playground Markings, UK Wide

Two Middlesbrough Parks in one week for the first4playgrounds team

The team headed down to Middlesbrough last week for some bespoke designs on two of the areas most popular parks. Although we were met on both days with intermittent rain and sleet we were excited about heading to the capital of Teeside, famed for its football club, historic industry and the Transporter Bridge.

We avoided playing any Chris Rea or James Arthur on the way down although we did revisit Shooting Stars to remind ourselves of the unique talents of ‘Boro born Bob Mortimer!

We had two days to prepare, prime and finish both sites at Thorntree Park and Pallister Park.

Once this was complete the colourful transformation could begin its journey!

At Thorntree Park we started with a nice simple Maze which are great for children learning to problem solve.

first4playgrounds Maze Middlesbrough Parks

The Maze at Middlesbrough Parks

We ducked back into the van as the rain belted down before drying off and completing this 3 Way Hopscotch, brilliant for balance and coordination.

first4playgrounds 3 Way Hopscotch Middlesbrough Parks

The 3 Way Hopscotch at Middlesbrough Parks

We then moved on to a 1-64 Snakes and Ladders which are wonderful for numeracy and fitness challenges!

first4playgrounds 1-64 Snakes and Ladders Middlesbrough Parks

Middlesbrough Parks 1-64 Snakes and Ladders

A Standing Long Jump was next which is fabulous for dynamic stability and improving athleticism!

first4playgrounds Standing Long Jump Middlesbrough Parks

Middlesbrough Parks Standing Long Jump

Before we headed back up the A19 there was time to add a Mirror Me to Pallister Park which is a splendid way of learning to understand shapes and movements and copy them.

first4playgrounds Mirror Me Middlesbrough Parks

Middlesbrough Parks Mirror Me

As the days finished we were delighted with the transformation. Two relatively barren and grey, joyless areas were now re-invigorated with colour, vibrancy and learning and exercise opportunities for children and families alike!

Playground markings really can add some joy into all our lives!

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