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Sports Court Markings for Primary School Playgrounds

by | Nov 24, 2015 | News

Sports Courts

first4playgrounds install Thermoplastic sports courts to schools and local authorities throughout the UK. Our sports markings include a Sports Multi-court with netball, basketball and football and can be chosen from white, yellow, green, red, orange, purple and blue.

Sports Multicourt

Basketball and football

Netball & Short Tennis Courts

Netball & Short Tennis Court

A standard Netball Court measuring 30m x 15m can fit three Short Tennis Courts inside measuring 10m x 5m.

Netball, Basketball & Short Tennis Courts

Netball, Basketball & Short Tennis Court

Mini Football Pitch

Mini Football Pitch with Goal Ends

At first4playgrounds we can install any size bespoke playground sports markings to fit your individual play area. We installed these markings to make a football pitch between two goal ends. The School installed this five years earlier with painted lines that had completely worn away.

Mini Football with Goals

Mini Football with goals

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