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School Playground Mile Walk

by | Dec 8, 2015 | News

Mile Walk

Our Playground Mile Walk is based on children walking along a snake measuring an 1/8th of a mile. There are 10 evenly spaced sections to show how far the children have gone. A Mile is complete when the children have done 8 laps. Walk the mile all at once, or at different times in the day. The fully installed price for a 1/8th mile circuit pictured above is £495.00 plus VAT.

Playground Mile Walk

Following the success of St Nina’s primary School in Scotland encouraging all primary school children to walk or run a mile every day, first4playgrounds have designed a circuit track for playgrounds for schools which don’t have large areas to use as a track.


At first4playgrounds we used preformed thermoplastic markings which can last up to 8 times longer than traditional paints and look great!

Circuits are individually designed to fit almost any play area. With the number of laps increased or decreased depending on each individual school. Contact us for more information on 0191 477 8900 or email

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