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Alderman Jacobs bespoke Logo Feature

School Logo Impressed at Alderman Jacobs School

Whittlesea (near Peterborough), Cambridgeshire

We installed a number of playground markings during our trip to Alderman Jacobs Primary School near Peterborough but the pick of the bunch was the impressive school logo our team put down at the main entrance.

The install included ‘relining’ an old Snakes & Ladders design and putting down a new Rocket Hopscotch, 1-25 Spiral and an Alphabet Caterpillar. We saved the best till last… in front of the main entrance we installed the school logo which our graphic team had recreated from artwork the school had sent through. The finely detailed logo depicts a couple of Straw Bears or “Strawbowers” who are part of a local custom in the area, surrounded by the school name on a circular path within a sun shaped outer graphic. This kind of complex design would have been almost impossible to create a couple of years ago but thanks to our investment in a state of the art computer controlled cutting machine a design like this can be produced at an affordable price*.

Hayley Craddock, a Teacher at the school gave us this glowing reference: “The Playground Markings are excellent. We are really impressed with the quality and the way they look. They have made our dull playground so much brighter. The school logo is very impressive and is a really good visual point for all parents, children and visitors that come into the school.”

*If you have a school logo that you would like to reproduce as a graphic at the entrance to your school or in the playground, email us through an example and we will give you a quote for the design and install.

Relining old playground markings
Alderman Jacobs bespoke Logo Highlight
Snakes & Ladders
Thank you very much. The service you provided was excellent. You were very adaptable to the timings of our school day and our needs. What is excellent is that the markings were tailored to suit our needs. We adapted the brochure ideas and nothing was a problem. I can’t wait for phase two to begin. Thank you for a prompt service.
Joanne CampbellTeacherWalton Primary SchoolMorpeth

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