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Farmyard Trail

Product Code: Farmyard Trail
Size: 10m x 10m

The Farmyard Trail is one of our new products for 2024. Great for young childrens fitness this 10m x 10m track incorporates light physical tests such as hopping and jumping.




All prices include installation.

First4Playgrounds Farmyard Trail

Benefits for children  Green Tick

First4Playgrounds Farmyard Trail is fantastic for:

1. Improving Fitness

Our activity race track has several physical challenges that require, bending, jumping, hopping, sprinting. All activities that improve general fitness.

2. Opportunity to Socialise

The benefit of children playing with each other improves socialising and interactive skills.

3. Fine Motor Skills

Activities involving tracing or hopping to set shapes and patterns can enhance fine motor skills.

4. Healthy Competition

If used as a time trial within physical activity lessons our activity race track can encourage healthy competition within children.

5. Cognitive Development

The hopscotch, trail elements and loop stepping sections within the trail promote cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

6. Posture and Balance

The locomotion challenges provided by the different sections of the trail are good for improving children’s posture and balance.

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