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A-Z Snake

Product Code: A-Z Snake
Size: 7m x 1m

One of our most popular playground markings. The alphabet snake is a bright and colourful design, children run along the letters up and down the snake’s body. Ideal for nursery children up to key stage one.




All prices include installation.


Benefits for children  Green Tick

First4Playgrounds a-z Snake is fantastic for:

1. Alphabet Recognition

Our a-z snake can help children learn and recognize letters of the alphabet in a fun and engaging way.

2. Letter Sequence

Our a-z snake reinforces the order of the alphabet, which is a fundamental aspect of early literacy.

3. Fine Motor Skills

Activities involving tracing or manipulating letters within a snake format can enhance fine motor skills.

4. Spelling and Phonics

It may aid in spelling practice and phonics development as children form words using the alphabet snake.

5. Cognitive Development

Alphabet-related games can promote cognitive development and problem-solving skills.

6. Creativity

Some alphabet snake activities may encourage creative thinking by asking children to come up with words or sentences using the letters.

7. Educational Fun

Our a-z snake makes learning the alphabet enjoyable, which can lead to better retention and enthusiasm for language skills.

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