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Playground revamp in Newcastle upon Tyne

by | Dec 13, 2015 | News

Playground Revamp

first4playgrounds have just completed a playground revamp at Percy Hedley School in Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne. The old playground was covered in tired, worn painted lines and markings and we were asked to come up with a plan to brighten up the area as well as replacing some of the existing markings with preformed thermoplastic markings.


Before and after pictures showing the old painted lines and the new painted playground with markings


An old clock was dried prior to painting and marking with a new clock face

The affected areas were thoroughly dried and cleaned of any dust and moss. The tarmac was then painted using Britania’s Decatone SR60 high quality water-based Acrylic coating for tennis courts and netball courts. This tough and long lasting paint has slip resistant properties as well as algicide and fungicide. Two coats were applied and the paint was left overnight to dry. The following day the thermoplastic markings were installed. The total revamp including the tarmac coating cost around £1,700.00, and as you can see looks really good.


Old painted markings covered with black acrylic tarmac coating and new thermoplastic markings

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