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New Playground Markings for a Primary in Wales

by | Jul 18, 2016 | News

We traveled to West Wales to install a range of colourful playground markings at the local primary school.

first4playgrounds installed a range of thermoplastic playground markings at Plascrug Primary School in Aberystwyth, Wales.

The markings included a unique world globe surrounded by colourful figures representing the multi-cultural mix of the school. The children can now show each other which part of the world they originate from.

Olympic Trail Playground Markings

An Olympic Trail was designed to go around the world globe. The children start in the yellow circle and make their way around the tail, hopping, skipping and running from station to station.

Calculating Caterpillars in Wales

Calculating Caterpillars

We also installed a Calculating Caterpillar game, a chess board and a skill snake for coordination games in PE.

Playground Chessboard

Large chessboard for school playgrounds

Skill snake

Skill snake

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