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Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in Bishop Aukland

by | Aug 24, 2017 | News

Playground Markings in Bishop Aukland

first4playgrounds installation team just recently completed a range of Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in Bishop Aukland. Firstly our team installed a full size Football Court. Around the court lay eight game stations.

Football court

The first of these game stations was a 1-100 Line gird.

1-100 Line Grid

The 1-100 Line Grid is an excellent addition to any school playground. Helping children of all ages learn and practice numeracy skills.

The second game station was Zig-Zag Lines. Great for Co-ordination and Balance.

Zig-Zag Lines

Next came a Box station. Where students choose which exercise they would like to do. Helping Lucidity and Flexibility by doing simple exercises and stretches on a day to day basis.

Box Station

For the forth station our team installed an A-Z Snake. Not only does this game Brighten up the yard and look great, it is a Brilliant way for children to learn the alphabet, practice literacy, and stay active.

A-Z Snake

Next the team installed two ladder runs.

Ladder Runs

Then another box station.

Box Station

For Station number seven the team installed random shapes.

Random Shapes

Lastly the team installed this Traditional Hopscotch. One of our most loved favourites.


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