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Playground Markings on Multiple Surfaces

by | Dec 1, 2018 | News, UK Wide

Our playground markings don’t have to be installed on to tarmac, we install markings onto multiple surfaces, including flagstones and pavers.

This is achieved by priming the designated area with a resin bonding agent, this means we can install playground markings onto any non combustable outdoor surface.

The resin bonding agent will weather away and after a couple of weeks can no longer be seen.


Markings installed onto Pavers

This is an example of a school with a block paving yard and a full playground marking installation was carried out.


Zebra Crossing on Flagstones

This Zebra Crossing on these Flagstones looks great.


World Map installed onto Pavers

This World map was installed into a school in London.


10 x Spiral installed onto Flagstones

Large surface area markings can also be installed like this 10 x Table Spiral.


1-20 Snake installed onto Flagstones.

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