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Playground Markings – Numicom Explained

by | Jul 16, 2014 | News

Supply and install Numicom Playground Markings

Playground Markings - Numicom

Playground Markings – Numicom

Numicom is a proven approach to teaching maths for the Primary National Curriculum 2014 and beyond. It develops fluency in mathematics by using a visual, practical base to develop conceptual understanding and fluent recall.

Numicom also helps children to reason mathematically through the use of solid concrete shapes and objects and spoken language to explain and justify. It also develops children into confident problem-solvers.

Previously many children found the abstract ideas in maths difficult to understand without images and pictures to help them. In the mid 1990’s, Romey Tacon, a former headteacher and co-author of The Numicom Approach set up a school based research project to see what impact structured images would have. She found that children made remarkable progress and teachers’ subject knowledge and maths pedagogy improved as they adapted the approach.

first4playgrounds supply and install Numicom Playground Markings which can be used as a colourful and fun teaching aid in the development of maths in children.

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