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Playground Markings New Activity Trail

by | Jan 6, 2015 | News

New activity trail for the school playground

first4playgrounds have just designed a new activity trail for the school playground.

The children have to run, skip and jump though different parts of the colourful playground trail. Activity and fitness trails are a great way for children to increase their physical activity at playtime and develop important fine motor skills from the different tasks of running , hopping, skipping and jumping. The playground marking trails can also be used as part of the physical education curriculum and become a colourful outdoor learning space. The new design allows space to add markings in the centre of the trail so the children can get the maximum enjoyment out of their playground.

Some popular designs to add include Hopscotch , Whats The Time Mr Wolf and our new Dance Class Moves game.

Playground Activity TrailActivity-Trail-30m-280x280

shark trail 500x500

Shark Trail

first4playgrounds also have other playground marking trails available including a nautical themed Shark trail and fitness trails.

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