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Playground markings brighten up a London primary

by | Sep 13, 2017 | News

The first4playgrounds team installed a range of playground markings including a caterpillar, treasure chest and hopscotch which brightened up the yard of a London Primary School.

Our team began by installing a 1-20 Caterpillar, a colourful way for young children to learn and practice simple numeracy.

London Primary – 1-20 Caterpillar

1-20 Caterpillar

Secondly the team installed this Treasure Chest, an exciting game for the younger children.

London Primary – Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Thirdly our team installed this Cycle Track.

London Primary – Cycle Track

Cycle Track

Our tracks and circuits are designed to be used by bikes and scooters. The tracks can incorporate roundabouts, zebra crossings, parking bays, stop signs, traffic lights and an assortment of other graphics such as schools, garages, petrol stations as well as houses, trees and even a lollypop person…

London Primary – Lollypop Person

Lollypop Person

Then these 600mm random shapes were installed.

London Primary – 600mm Shapes

600mm Shapes

Finally we installed a 10-20 Hopscotch.


London Primary – 10-20 Hopscotch

10-20 Hopscotch

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