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Playground Markings for a Primary School in Hawick

by | Aug 25, 2017 | News

Playground Markings, Hawick

first4playgrounds installation team just completed a range of Thermoplastic Playground Markings at a Primary School in Hawick, Scotland.

The first of these markings, a ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf’. This markings really is great fun for the children and is always their favourite.

Hawick – Whats the Time Mr Wolf

Whats the Time Mr Wolf

Secondly our team installed this Basketball/Football Court. This had to be Primed with a resin bonding agent before the team began the work. This is normally the case on older tarmac.

Hawick – Football/Basketball Court

Football/Basketball Court

Next the team installed this Activity Trail. With this Mirror me in the centre.

Hawick – Activity Trail + Mirror Me

Activity Trail + Mirror Me

Then a Target Throw. This is a great game for children practicing numeracy skills like addition and subtraction. As the children have to add their scores.

Hawick – Target Throw

Target Throw

The next thing installed was a Standing Long Jump.

Hawick – Standing Long Jump

Standing Long Jump

The standing Long Jump is a great game for children to monitor their athletic progress. It also keeps children active and healthy.

Hawick – 1-100 Grid

1-100 Grid

Lastly The team installed this 1-100 Grid. The 1-100 Grid is one of our most popular Playground Markings. Helping Primary School Children of all ages to progress in their Mathematical ability.

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