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Playground Markings in Harrogate, Yorkshire

by | Oct 10, 2016 | News

Playground Markings in Harrogate, Yorkshire

first4playgrounds recently installed some colourful markings in Harrogate Yorkshire. These included a short Five Lane Olympic Sprint Track, a Line compass, a Circular Maze, an Activity Trail, a Standing Long Jump and a Solar System.


Wide view photo, Yorkshire


Activity Trail and solar system, Yorkshire

You can see from the photos displayed the markings were installed onto brick work and not tarmac (our usual line of work). This meant our team had to prime the ground. Priming the ground means first applying a resin bonding agent to the ground. This means we can install markings onto concrete, not just tarmac.


Line compass, Yorkshire

A line compass, pointing exactly to north. Manipulated to work as an actual compass.

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