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Playground Markings, Ferryhill, Chilton

by | Nov 22, 2016 | News

Playground Markings

first4playgrounds recently completed a range of thermOplastic playground markings in Ferryhill, Chilton.


Snakes and Ladders Ferryhill, Chilton

Our team firstly installed a 1-64 Snakes and Ladders. This is a great game that the children really enjoy, also helping them practice numeracy.


A-Z Snake Ferryhill, Chilton

Next we installed an a-z Snake which is a colourful way for children to practice literacy and to learn the alphabet.


World Map Ferryhill, Chilton

We then crafted a world map with the continents in different colours to help the children learn and remember geography.


UK Map Ferryhill, Chilton

Finally a UK map was installed with each country in a different country, this is great for children to learn the UK map and where they live on it.

Other Installations

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