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Playground Markings Durham

by | Dec 22, 2014 | News

marking installation at St Patricks Primary School


first4playgrounds have just completed a thermoplastic marking installation at St Patricks Primary School in County Durham. There were 2 playgrounds covered by the playground graphics, the infants playground at the front of the school and the Key Stage 2 play area at the rear.

In the icy North East of England December weather our installation team battled the elements to complete the work. The infants yard markings included a 1 to 64 Snakes and Ladders game which looked fantastic on the new tarmac! We also provided a Dance Moves activity game, a Rocket Hopscotch and a bespoke bike track with individual parking bays, a petrol pump and a zebra crossing.

In the Key Stage 2 playground we installed a 1-64 snakes and ladders with larger 400mm x 400mm squares, a football pitch and 2 large hopscotch games.

The Headmistress Mrs Burnside was very pleased with the markings she thanked all the workmen when the job was finished saying, “the children have been so please with markings. I looked on the cctv camera and could see them playing on them all day. Thank you very much.”

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