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Playground Markings in Barnsely, Yorkshire

by | Oct 10, 2016 | News

Playground Markings in Barnsley

first4playgrounds recently installed a range of playground markings in Barnsley, Yorkshire at the beginning of August. Our team firstly installed a Multi-court consisting of a netball and basketball court. The two courts have been crafted using two different colours to provide a clear definition between each court. This is a great technique for schools who are in need of more than one court but do not have enough tarmac space in there grounds.


Playground Multi-court, Barnsley


Playground Dartboard

Secondly, we installed an exact replica of a dartboard so the children can have fun trying to hit the bullseye! This is also a great game to practice quick mental maths as the children have to double and triple their point scores frequently.


Counting Caterpillar

Lastly a Counting Caterpillar was put into place for the younger children to practice there 1-25 counting skills, and to get some exercise in doing so.

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