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Playground Marking’s Victoria Primary School Airdrie, Scotland

by | Nov 7, 2016 | News, Scotland

Playground Markings in Airdrie

first4playgrounds recently complete a range of vibrant markings from our new stock for Victoria Primary School, In Airdrie, Scotland.


Mirror Me Victoria Primary School, Scotland

Firstly our team crafted a Mirror Me game, this two player game is a great and colourful way for children to develop coordination and active play. The game is made up from two large circles, 8 x 200mm multi coloured thermoplastic circles with 2 footprints in the centre.


Snakes and Ladders, Victoria Primary School, Scotland

Next we installed a Snakes and Ladders game, this is a very fun and classic way to brighten up and transform your school playground.


4 way Hopscotch, Victoria Primary School, Scotland

The 4 way hopscotch is a brilliant twist on our classic one player game.


Skip Circle, Victoria Primary School, Scotland

Skip circles can be used for skipping competitions between the children e.g. who can skip for the longest etc. Not only fun playground exercise.

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