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New Thermoplastic Playground Marking Products from New Stock

by | Jan 13, 2017 | News

New Stock

first4playgrounds have just released two new numeracy and literacy playground marking products to our stock. The Alphabet Tree and the Counting Ladybirds.


Alphabet Tree

The Alphabet Tree is a great game for young children learning the alphabet. It can be used to teach young children the alphabet in order, to spell words or just for children to play, learning as they do so.


New Counting Ladybirds

The Counting ladybirds are a brilliant numeracy product. They are used for simple addition and subtraction using the counters for teaching younger children, and division and multiplication to teach the elder years.


Counting Ladybirds

These products are available for installation or for purchase call 07894016765 to reach our office. Visit website for more details.

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