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New Playgrounds Markings at Rothbury First School

by | Sep 28, 2020 | News, North East & Yorkshire

first4playgrounds installation team recently completely a range of exciting new playground markings for Rothbury First School in Northumberland.

Our team set out early morning from our office in the Team Valley, Gateshead, and headed up into northumberland to Rothbury First School.


Rothbury First School

The School asked for a Countryside Trail, an A-Z Dragon, a Circular Maze. A 3-way Hopscotch, and a 1-25 Crocodile.

The team set out with this Countryside Trail.


Countryside Trail

Start with the Lily Pads!


Countryside Trail

Then we have the Log Jump!

Next, the team installed this A-Z Dragon and this Circular Maze.


A-Z Dragon

The Dragon helps younger children to learn and remember the alphabet!


Circular maze

Then the team did this 3-Way Hopscotch.


3 Way Hopscotch

Lastly, we installed this 1-25 Crocodile, to help younger children with basic numeracy.

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