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New Playground Markings for a Primary in Oxfordshire

by | May 14, 2018 | News, Playground Markings, South East

The first4playgrounds installation team completed a range of Playground Markings for a Primary School in Oxfordshire which included a colourful World Map, engaging Number Ladders and a host of Traditional Games.

These markings consisted of a World Map, two Number Ladders and a Netball Court. The Netball court also contained three Short Tennis Courts.

Firstly the team completed these two different styles of Number Ladder.


Number Ladders


Number Ladders

The Number Ladders are a great game for young children learning positives and negatives.

Next the team installed this World Map.


World Map


World Map

The world map is a brilliant addition to any play area, giving children an accurate representation of the Earth and its continents.

Teachers use this Playground Marking as a teaching aid for Geography lessons.

Finally, the team installed this Netball Court. The Netball court contained three short tennis courts inside of it.


Netball Court


Netball Court


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