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Interactive Wall Panels added to our range

by | May 24, 2018 | News

New Wall Panels

At first4playgrounds, we have just added a range of New Interactive Wall Panels to our stock pile. These are a great addition to any play area as they are fun and test children’s mental ability and boost team building skills.

Our Play Panels are manufactured from long lasting HDPE and can easily be fixed to a wall for fun activity play for children. They brighten up the school playground or play space and are fade resistant and will not crack, split or rot.


Daisy head


Rotate the drums, watch and listen to the ball bearings move and rattle.


Flip over Naughts and Crosses

Basic game panel with spinning OXO discs.




Planetary gear panel with 6x rotating cogs safely located behind polycarbonate window.


Animal Spell


Rotate the flip-over letters to spell out the 6 animals on the panel.


Ball Maze


Rotating maze, with stainless steel ball covered with a polycarbonate panel – tricky maze to do.


Bells musical


The Bells Musical Play Panel creates a unique sound within the music panel line up making it a great addition to the ensemble. The high quality stainless steel bells used are played with a tethered beater and are best considered for controlled environments.





The Clockwork Play Panel is not literally clockwork, it is a mechanical cog panel with “hours” and “minutes” rotating discs that turn cogs that move the clock hour hand and the minute disc. This panel is a fun and interesting way to learn to tell the time or just to play with a mechanical mechanism with moving parts. All the cogs are safely covered by a shatterproof polycarbonate window.




Aircraft flying panel with spinning plane wheel.


Bongos musical


3 different sounding bongo drums.



Can you find the times


Find the times with the o’clock hour-hand pointer.


Cats and Dogs 3 in a Row

Cats and dogs sliding disc game.



3x rows of 9x free-sliding abacus coloured counters.


Children at work

Turn the wheel to rotate 4x interconnecting cogs, safely covered by a polycarbonate window.


Chunky Naughts and Crosses

Rotating OXO blocks, with scoring slider along the bottom.


3 in a row

The 3 in a Row Game Play Panel has a total of 16 movable red and yellow sliding discs that glide effortlessly around the panel. Because the discs slide in tracks, there are no loose pieces to worry about going missing or to put away and get out again each day.

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