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New fitness equipment for Barnard Castle primary

by | Jun 27, 2018 | News, North East & Yorkshire

Our installation team travelled to Barnard Castle, in The North East to install a range of new Outdoor Fitness Equipment for St Marys Primary School.

The team drove to Barnard Castle, North East England to install a range of Outdoor Fitness Equipment for St Marys Primary School.


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

This consisted of a Double Health Walker, an Arm and Pedal Bike, a Rower and a Waist Twister.

The first piece of apparatus installed was this Waist Twister.


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The Children’s Waist Twister is great for building and improving flexibility and range of movement around the waist and hips. The equipment is easy to use, allows up to three children to workout at the same time and is suitable for all abilities. The Children’s Waist Twister also promotes balance and is ideal for warming up and cooling down the body.

Next was this Arm and Pedal Bike.


Children’s Arm & Pedal Bike

The Children’s Arm & Pedal Bike is designed for use by all abilities and it’s easy to use, children turn the handles with their arms and cycle with their legs. The Arm & Pedal Bike helps to develop coordination alongside the cardiovascular workout.

Then the team installed this Double Health Walker.


Children’s Double Health Walker


Children’s Double Health Walker

A much-loved item of outdoor fitness equipment for children which provides fun whilst exercising in a non-competitive environment.

Lastly, the team installed this Rower.


Children’s Rower

The Children’s Rower is a child-size version of the standard rowing machines found in gyms. This cardiovascular exercise machine is suitable for children of all ages and strengthens the arms, upper body and abdominal muscle.

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