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Vibrant new playground markings for Newham School

by | Jun 13, 2018 | London, News, UK Wide

Our installation team drove South to Newham, East London to install a rage of playground markings at Avenue Primary School.

Our installation team drove south to London to install a wide variety of playground markings for Avenue Primary School.

These markings consisted of a 2 Way Hopscotch, a Fitness Trail, 3 Sports Grids, Number Ladders, a 12 x Table Grid and a World Map with continents.

Firstly the team installed this 2 Way Hopscotch.


2 Way Hopscotch

The 2 Way Hopscotch is a 2 player twist on our classic Hopscotch. They look defined, bright and colourful and are a great addition to any play area.


2 Way Hopscotch

Next the team installed this Fitness Trail.


Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail is a great tool for P.E teachers. Keeping children active, physically fit and healthy.

Next our team installed this 12 X Table Grid.


12 X Table Grid

The 12 X Table Grid is a perfect teaching aid for KS3 students to learn and master the 12 x table. It tests mental multiplication and also helps children to fully grasp Co-ordinates.

Then the team installed this World Map with continents.


World Map

The World Map is ideal for children to learn and understand the different continents around the world.


World Map

Lastly we installed these 3 Sports Grids, each with a corresponding number ladder in the matching colour.


Sports Grid

The Sports Grids have uses for P.E teachers.


Number Ladders

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