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How exercise helps children’s mental health

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Featured, Insight

Children's Mental Health

Exercise helps make our children healthier!

On average, children who exercise more have lower levels of depression and psychological distress and higher levels of positive self image, life satisfaction and general well-being.

At first4playgrounds we believe that encouraging children to be active is essential for proper growth and development. Exercise should also be fun and where practical as simple as possible!

The Department of Health and Human Services recommend that young children regularly engage in physical activity throughout the day. Variety is extremely important which is why our fabulous range of markings and equipment can help stimulate the children you spend time with. According to new UK based research that analysed the Millennium Cohort Study, physical activity in childhood can help youngsters develop the emotional and behavioural regulation skills which play a crucial role in academic achievement.

Regular exercise also changes the biochemistry of the brain by increasing blood vessels and strengthening the neuron connections. As the brain is flooded with blood,children can more easily acquire physical skills and are able to increase their levels of retention. Younger children tend to prefer short bursts of of activity with brief rest periods such as activity stations or skipping and hopscotch. Bright, vibrant coloured markings help stimulate engagement and activity.

Evidence suggests that introducing exercise at a young age helps to:

  • decrease anxiety
  • reduce depression
  • improve heart health
  • assist with a positive diet
  • improve brain development
  • improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills
  • strengthen attention skills
  • improve self esteem

We can also help you design your own markings and our team of experts are on hand to help guide and support you through this process. We provide brand new outdoor learning activities for children of all levels of ability. At first4playgrounds we believe outdoor educational ideas help inspire learning at every age.

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