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Exciting new playground markings at Byron Wood Academy Primary in Sheffield

by | Sep 1, 2021 | News, North East & Yorkshire

first4playgrounds installation team recently completed a range of exciting new playground markings for Byron Wood Primary Academy in Sheffield.

Our installation team recently travelled to Sheffield to install a new exciting range of Playground Markings for Byron Wood Primary Academy. 

These markings consisted of a Cycle Track, 1-30 Number Ladder, a 1-100 Grid, a Multi Court and 2 Chessboards.

Firstly the team installed this Cycle Track.


Cycle Track

This is a very basic Cycle Track but we can install with additional signs and crossings, along with cars, houses and roundabouts.

Next, the team installed these 1-30 Number Ladders.


1-30 Ladder


1-30 Ladder

These Number Ladders are a great way to teach young children Numeracy.

Next the team installed this Multi-Court.


Multi Court

After that this 1-100 Solid Grid was installed.


1-100 Grid 

Lastly, the team installed these two Chessboards.




2 Chessboards



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