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Electric Car Parking Bays – Plugged in Places

by | Nov 27, 2019 | News, UK Wide

Plugged-in Places is a government scheme used to encourage businesses and the public sector to install electric car charging points in their spaces. The North East only recently became a Plugged-in-Places region and is not currently as developed as other areas of the UK. The aim of the scheme is to develop 500 new charger points in the next 5 years. The first of these charging points (installed in 2011) was fully compatible with all other car charging points across the UK and sets the precedent for the ones to come.

By the end of March 2013, over 4000 charge points had been provided through the 8 Plugged-in Places projects. About 65% of these Plugged-in Places charge points are publicly accessible. Using data provided by charge point manufacturers, it is estimated that non-government organisations may have also installed about 5000 charge points nationwide, meaning there is a wide range of electric car parking bays to account for, and many more to come.

At first4playgrounds we manufacture premium quality pre-formed thermoplastic electric car parking bays, then package and post them around the UK.


These are two generic types of parking bays which are the most used throughout the UK. At first4playgrounds however, we can manufacture bespoke markings from scratch, meaning we can make any design you want.

Electric cars are the new leap in the right direction for tackling the environmental crisis and pollution levels that are harming the planet, through the burning of fossil fuels.

A recent report by the UK Energy Research Centre suggested that as part of a wider plan of technical fixes and reduction in all transport sectors, Electric Vehicles could help reduce UK transport emissions by around 25% by 2050. This percentage would rise to 50% if lifestyle changes were also made.

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