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Cycle Proficiency Track for School Playgrounds

by | Jan 6, 2016 | News

Cycle Proficiency

first4playgrounds have introduced a new playground marking specifically designed for cycle proficiency. The 20m x 14m road track is 4m wide and has a “T” junction allowing children to practice their bikeability skills in a safe environment away from road conditions. The installed price for the basic cycle track marking is £325.00 excluding VAT.

Cycle proficiency track

Basic road track with T junction

Cycle proficiency track with zebra crossing

Road track with zebra crossing

At first4playgrounds we can install any design that is required. Many school prefer their own bespoke bike track designs. Here are some of the bespoke bike track we have installed.

Bike track with start & stop

Bike track with start and stop. The bike track goes around the blue netball court.

Cycle proficiency track circuit with playground markings in the centre

Track circuit with playground markings in the centre

Cycle proficiency junction

Junction and direction arrows showing the correct position to approach a junction

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