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Bright new playground markings transform school in Bellshill

by | Jun 19, 2018 | News, Scotland, UK Wide

Our installation team drove North to Bellshill in Scotland to install this range of vibrant markings. Sacred Heart Primary School’s playground was transformed!

The team began with these 4 Mirror Me’s.


4 X Mirror Me

The mirror me is one of the children favourites and really brightens up the school playground.

The 1-10 Dragon can be used for younger students to learn their first numbers.


1-10 Dragon

It also looks great and children have lots of fun running up and down their new friends back.

Next the team installed this Fitness Trail.


Fitness Trail

The Fitness Trail is a great tool for P.E teachers and really does get the children more active. So that they are healthier and happier.


Fitness Trail

Next the team installed this Co-ordinate Grid.


Co-ordinate Grid

The Co-ordinate Grid is a great way to teach KS2 Children Co-ordinates in a visual and interactive way.

Then the team installed this A-Z Snake.


A-Z Snake

This is a really fun game. It also assists children’s development in literacy skills.


A-Z Snake

Lastly the team installed this 1-64 Snakes and Ladders.


1-64 Snakes and Ladders.

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