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Bright new markings at Wilmslow Primary

by | Jul 13, 2018 | News, North East & Yorkshire

Our installation team travelled south of Manchester to Wilmslow Primary School to install at a range of brightly coloured playground markings.

These playground markings consisted of a Netball Court, a Football Court, a Frog Hopscotch and a 1-20 Number Ladder. Firstly, the team installed this Netball Court.


Netball Court


Netball Court

The Netball court is a great addition to any play area. Allowing for a structured match environment to take place.

Next, the team installed this Football Court.


Football Court


Football Court


Football Court

Then the team installed this Frog Hopscotch.


Frog Hopscotch

This is our Classic Hopscotch with a twist.

It looks great and really brightens up the play area.


Frog Hopscotch

Lastly, the team installed this 1-20 Number Ladder.


1-20 Number Ladder

This is a great way for younger children to interactively learn their first numbers.

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