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Blank Playground Grids

by | Nov 26, 2015 | News

Blank playground Grids

first4playgrounds supply and install blank 10 x 10 playground Line Grids onto school playgrounds using pre-formed thermoplastic markings.

10x10 Grid Yellow Red

10×10 Grid. Yellow lines with a red boundary

10x10 Grid Blue

10×10 Grid Blue

The grids can be any size as required by the school, our most popular is 5m x 5m which allows ample space for children to write in the boxes with chalk, although 4m x 4m is also often specified where there is less space on the play area.

10x10 Grid Yellow Blue

10×10 grid with yellow lines and a blue boundary

These are designed from any coloured lines including white, blue, red, yellow, orange, green and purple.

10 x 10 Grid. Yellow with white outline

10 x 10 Grid. Yellow with white outline

For a standard 10 x 10 Line Grid 5m x 5m the installed price is £395.00 plus VAT.

Orange 8 x 8 Grid

Orange 8 x 8 Grid

We can also design as different combinations of squares, this one in orange is 8 x 8 and is 4m x 4m.

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